I challenge entrepreneurs and top sales performers to set and reach "impossible" goals and go beyond the limits of their own beliefs.

Through the art of  impossible coaching, my clients obtain the highest level in their business and personal life.

I believe in simplicity and always focus on



Reaching "impossible" goals starts with the decision to think, behave and live in a different way.

I help entrepreneurs and top sales performers to make better decisions. Intelligent decisions followed by massive and dedicated actions towards te right direction will create the desired results.

The methodology I have created is 100% tailored-made, "value-based" and offers my clients an excellent framework for making the best decisions in their personal life or business. 

Intelligent decisions are conscious decisions.  The major time of moments I spent with my clients, is devoted to create and rise awareness.

Clients who work with me to reach their "impossible" goals, are highly commited on theirself, their business, relationships, health and spirituality.


If you do not know where you are going, you will end up in the same or in the wrong place. 

Setting direction will increase the chance that you reach you biggest goals dramatically.  

Our brain protects us from choosing the "wrong" direction and always drives us in the safest direction.  

Staying on the right road and being on track is a huge challenge, even for high-performing entrepreneurs and top sales performers.

I am an excellent co-pilot for my cliënts and help them to keep their focus on their long-term goals.

Through the art of consistent feedback and deep questioning, I help entrepreneurs to reach their goals faster and avoid waisting precious time and energy.


If we are dedicated to our biggest goals, we inspire other people to give their all and change the world around us. 

Dedication requires that you give your all and operate from from excellence in thinking, actions and feeling.  You need a tremendous focus on your business and life and a never ending dedication to your own vitality. I am exceptionnaly skilled in detecting the defaults that drain your energy and I have a strong commitment on your mental endurance.

Your ability to focus on your primary activities for a long period, will help you increase the quality of your performance and results. 

You need to perform with power and develop mental endurance.  When things get rough, you need the tools to keep on moving forward.  I will train your warrior skills and help you become resiliant.

You need balance.  When you learn how to balance between opposite powers, you will master yourself. I will teach you the techniques that i use every day and primairily train you to be rooted like a tree.

My clients

I serve by helping ambitious entrepreneurs and top sales performers to create a new identity that has the power to support their biggest goals and dreams. The foundation for a family house is completely different than the one for a skyscraper!

I love to work with entrepeneurs who want to to see how far they can run and push the bounderies of their beliefs and abilities.

The topics my clients bring on in the coaching sessions, are of course very individual and based on their specific situation.

Througout the process, I am the gatewatcher of the decisions, direction and dedication.  

The things we talk about and work hard on, are usually:

  • defining big or "impossible" goals
  • self-confidence
  • developing mental focus
  • being resilient
  • personal values
  • starting a new business
  • breaking through barriers
  • developing intuition
  • installing excellent habits
  • developping empathy 
  • creating a higher awareness
  • business strategy
  • scaling business
  • maintaining inner peace in stressful situations
  • leadership
  • following your gut-feeling
  • effective communication
  • ...

 My presence is also appreciated during

  • selection interviews
  • negociations with investors
  • ...

I have the gift to see and feel people's energy and notice subtilities during conversations.  I can help make better decisions based on my observations.

Working together

I believe that real transformation requires the unique 

relationship between a highly qualified and experienced coach and a highly dedicated client.

Therefore, I do not post a lot of quotes on social media or have a blog (all though I love to write!). They do not have to power you need to change.

If you want to transform yourself, your life and your business, invest your time and effort in the right coach. 

My clients cross my path through network events, my own efforts or thanks to the recommandation from people I have worked with.

I coach my clients face to face or by phone in Dutch or English.

I do not have prepackaged deals and offer 100% tailor-made coaching. I create what you need to succeed.

I am more than happy to give you more information about pricing by email.


For the past 20 years, I have dedicated my time to improve the lifes of more than 2000 people i have spoken and coached in person.  I have helped them to realise their dreams (business and personal), become stronger, reaching their goals, preventing them to end their life and encouraged them to start over from scratch, making better choices, finding inner peace, ...

I am a master in tailor made coaching.  I do not create content that fits for every living person.

I combine methods of performance coaching, oriental philosophy, yoga, meditation and martial arts in the sessions with my clients.

I have the gift of starting from a white canvas in every coaching session and help my cliënts

to see things from a more interesting perspective.

I focus on highly dedicated (beginning) entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in their own journey.

To perform at my best in my work with clients, I practise yoga, martial arts en meditation on a daily basis.

I am proud to be connected as a senior consultant with Ilse Jaques Company. 

Ilse Jaques offers High-Performance Coaching for fast start-ups, scale-ups and venture builders.

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